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Oct 24-27 2019: PERILS OF THE FLOWERBED by Steven Glavey at the University of Iowa
March 5-8 & 11-14 2020: THREE SISTERS by Anton Chekhov, English version by Sarah Ruhl, in the University of Iowa Mainstage Season


Lila co-founded a new theatre company, Portmanteau, with playwright Eric Marlin.
Lila is an MFA candidate in directing at The University of Iowa. She received the MFA Fellowship from UI to study anti-apartheid theatre and anti-racist theatre in South Africa in the summer of 2019.


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★ ★ ★ ★ "This performance...would be unnerving at the best of times, but in a world where we see ever-increasing levels of violence and oppression to people who choose to speak out it is captivating, relevant and disconcerting. Lila Rachel Becker’s direction has culminated in a tense, thrilling hour that leaves us strangely hopeful. In a time where we’re challenged by an ever-changing political climate, bad things happen here asks how we might challenge the lies we’re told." —  The Skinny

★ ★ ★ ★ "Bold, unexpected and gripping, ‘bad things happen here’ is a brilliantly-acted feast for the imagination....The staging of the piece is expertly executed by director Lila Rachel Becker, who never has Carrero and Winstead linger on moments of tragedy or humour, but rather keeps the piece thumping with energy throughout....an urgent and brilliant reminder that theatre can and should be political." — The Mumble

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Lila was interviewed on the blog Ask A Director.

Who are your theatrical heroes?
Sarah Benson, Jackie Sibblies Drury, Mimi Lien, Les Waters, Nataki Garrett, Shana Cooper, Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, Anne Bogart, Katie Mitchell, Alice Birch, Caryl Churchill, Pina Bausch. I adore actors and they do vital and vulnerable work, but I think not enough credit goes to those stage managers who can just nail the rhythm of a show, designers who unlock the whole play in a single idea or visual element, and dramaturgs, always.”


A profile of Lila appeared in Wesleyan University’s newsletter.

“One of the things that puts me in the most despair about the current world situation is that I don’t know how to make anything better. But there’s something very powerful about being a group of theater-makers who come from all across the U.S., who represent a broad spectrum of America, and who are committed to showing an international audience this play about complicity and language and authoritarianism. If you choose to produce a play now, you’re saying that there’s something in this play that speaks to contemporary audiences. I think that’s already a political move, but this play, in particular, is speaking to a lot of things that are happening globally with the rise of authoritarian regimes and state-sponsored violence and state surveillance.It was exciting to me to bring that to an international audience and say, ‘There are people who are in the U.S., all over the U.S., who are thinking critically and who don’t believe the things that you probably hear that we believe.’”


KET, a Kentucky public television program, documented the behind-the-scenes process for PREHISTORIC PROBLEMS by Aiden Phillips, produced in the New Voices Festival at Actors Theatre of Louisville. 


"Director Lila Rachel Becker brought forth a strong ensemble work....The earnest Dan who just wants to help and the antics of fragile Laura are fascinating to watch unfold under Lila Rachel Becker's direction."

— Broadway World

"Director Lila Rachel Becker deserves mention for wrangling involving performances and solid pacing into the best play of the night."

DC Theatre Scene


Lila’s work on 2PM IN FAITH, NEBRASKA was featured in the Daily Iowan.